Don’t Make These Top Wedding Registry Mistakes – Part 1


Creating a wedding registry is certainly a fun experience. After all, this is a chance for couples to select items to have as they begin their lives together! However, it?s important to avoid making common wedding registry mistakes. Here?s the first part in our series on how to avoid the most common wedding registry errors:

Failing to Register

Believe it or not, one of the most common mistakes that couples make is failing to register at all! Some couples feel that it is in poor taste to tell guests what they want for a wedding gift. There are two things wrong with this idea, though. First, guests expect to get you a gift, and a registry simply makes their lives easier. Second, wedding registries are an accepted part of the process and it?s more common to find couples that have registered versus those who haven?t.

Waiting Too Long

Another mistake that couples can make when it comes to registering is waiting too long to do it. Registering for gifts should be done before the invitations for the bridal shower are sent out. For some couples, it is one of the first things that they take care of, especially if they plan to have an engagement party. When it comes to registering, the earlier it can be done, the better off you?ll be.

Not Knowing What You Have

Too often, couples register for items without knowing what they have. Couples that already live together or have established households should keep this in mind. They wouldn?t want to register for a set of elegant dishware, for instance, if they already have an elegant pattern they plan on using! The best way to avoid this issue is to take inventory before heading to the store to register.

Only Choosing One Store

When a registry is set up correctly, there are plenty of options for guests to buy the couple the perfect gift. Couples not only need a variety of gift choices, but the locations of the stores should be convenient as well. It?s also a good idea to select stores that serve different purposes. For instance, one may specialize in dishware while another specializes in bedding.

Not Knowing How the Registry Works

Before couples begin registering at a particular store, they should understand how the registry itself works. For instance, it is important to determine whether people can purchase items from the registry using a variety of options, such as in the store, online, and even by phone. The goal is to make sure that all wedding guests have a way to purchase something from the registry, regardless of their geographic locations. Registering for gifts is certainly a part of today?s wedding. By avoiding these common mistakes, couples can create a registry that not only has all the best gifts, but that is also convenient for guests.

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