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Watches & Clocks

Joseph Gann Jewelers, in Downtown Boston, MA, has a beautiful selection MeisterSinger watches and clocks. We are an authorized dealer of MeisterSinger watches and clocks. MeisterSinger is a manufacturer of beautiful mechanical watches and is headquartered in Munster, Germany. Founded by the self-taught watchmaker Manfred Brassler, MeisterSinger is known for crafting quality pieces in their signature style. Inspired by ancient sundials found in ruins all over the world, MeisterSinger designers use only one arm to keep time rather than the typical two arms featured in other watches. Their watches are elegant and unique while still being durable enough for everyday use. Their signature watch, the Circularis, won an IF Product Design award in 2015. Visit our store to view our collection of MeisterSinger watches and clocks for sale.

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