Why You Should Register for Everyday Dinnerware


So, your wedding is fast approaching and you know it?s time to register. One of the most popular things that people register for is their dinnerware sets. It seems that the right thing to do is to register for all your formal pieces. However, you may not want to do that. It?s okay to register for everyday pieces instead of, or in addition to the formal dinnerware. Here are some situations you may find yourself in and exactly what to do about them:

You Already Have Formal China

Maybe you?ve inherited pieces from your grandmother or even from your parents. You could have also ended up with formal dinnerware if this is your second marriage. Either way, you know you don?t need formal pieces. In this case, you should consider registering for your everyday dinnerware! Plenty of dinnerware manufacturers have a variety of sets ranging from everyday to formal. Your goal is to find one that is fairly durable, dishwasher safe, and that you can use all the time. There?s no need to register for a new set of formal china if you already have one!

You Don?t Plan on Doing a Lot of Entertaining

In order to make owning formal dinnerware worth your while, you really need to do a lot of formal entertaining. If your idea of a great party involves occasions that are a little more casual than what you?d need formal china for, your goal should be to find an everyday set that can be used for many occasions. There?s no need to have two separate sets of dinnerware, one formal and one for everyday use, if you don?t really plan on entertaining! Your goal should be to find an affordable set of dishware that is simple enough for everyday use, but fancy enough to service your special occasions. Besides, you can still set a beautiful table without really expensive china! The key is to use accessories such as brightly colored linen napkins to really make the table look impressive.

You Don?t Want Guests to Pay for a Formal Set

Let?s face it. Formal dinnerware can be expensive. In some cases, this could mean that even your most generous guests may not be willing to pay these prices! There are some patterns that are formal enough to service your fancier occasions if they arise, but also durable and simple enough for everyday use. Manufacturers such as Noritake, Wedgwood, and Villeroy & Boch all have great patterns that are also affordable and usually cost between $50 and $100 per place setting. This option is ideal for people who really do love to have people over, but don?t want to spend a lot of money in order to be able to do it. Formal sets can really cost a lot of money! As you can see, there?s no need to register for a formal set of china if you really don?t want to. There are plenty of affordable alternatives out there that will still enable you to set a beautiful table when you do have people over.

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