Why You Should Propose During the Holidays

10070801You already know that you want to propose, but it’s just a question of when you will do it. While the options are endless, many people opt to propose over the holidays. Although we’ve noticed that proposals seem to be steady all year for our customers, those who do choose to propose over the holidays have shared with us their reasons for doing so. Perhaps their insights will help you decide if a proposal during the holiday season is right for you!

Before you do make the proposal, understand that there are two ways that you can propose. First, you can propose during a holiday party where friends and family will be gathered together. Second, you can choose to propose privately and then make your engagement announcements at the holiday gatherings. Here are some of the things our customers told us about why they’ve chosen to propose over the holidays:

Enables You to Share the Moment With Your Family

For some couples, they enjoy having the opportunity to share the special moment with their families. Since the holidays are a time for family and friends to get together, many couples choose to become engaged during this time of year because it makes it easier to announce the exciting news. Some people even choose to propose in front of their families so they can witness the happy moment.

Offers a Great Way to Start the New Year

Another thing that couples say is that they love ending the year on a happy note because proposing over the holidays gives them a chance to start the New Year off right! This is also an ideal time of year for people to propose who want an engagement period of longer than a year, or for those who want a winter wedding over the coming year.

This is a Festive Time of Year

There’s no doubt that the holidays are a festive time of year. Proposing during this time can give people a chance to make things even more festive! Not only that, but this general feeling of happiness can also be very romantic. The holiday season offers endless opportunities to make the proposal extra special, such as wrapping the engagement ring as a gift, proposing during a romantic night out, and popping the question in front of all your friends and family members.

As you can see, the holiday season does offer the perfect time to propose and get engaged. Whether you do it for practical reasons, such as the convenience of having your family gathered in one place, or romantic ones, proposing over the holidays is especially memorable. However, before you do make the proposal, you’ll want to make sure that you have a great engagement ring. Click here to browse through some of our choices.