Why are diamonds the most popular stones for engagement rings?

This symbol of ultimate love has undergone many transformations throughout history before getting to the present generation of diamond engagement rings.


What is incredible about these tokens of love is that they have survived the centuries without a wrinkle! Models from centuries ago still inspire the world of fashion jewelry.

This article will discuss what is so powerful about diamond engagement rings and why we cannot resist them.

The symbolism of engagement rings

Giving a piece of jewelry to a loved one is a custom as old as humanity. Magical and symbolic, jewels are almost sacred—they represent our faith in love and hope for a future.

If there is one piece of jewelry that embodies the promise of a marriage, it’s the diamond engagement ring!


When a man offers a diamond ring to his beloved, this piece of jewelry will show those around them that they choose each other for life!


Diamond engagement rings have become as famous as the proposing question and beautiful answer: “yes”! They make a lovely gift to admire and are a long-lasting reminder of the moment of request.

The origin of diamond engagement rings

The chronicle of engagement rings is not linear. It has not always had the same meaning or the same sentimental symbolism throughout history.


While there are diverging opinions about who was the first woman to wear a diamond ring, we know the tradition of wearing one date back to 1477. When Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg—who later became a Roman Emperor—presented Mary of Burgundy, Duchess of Burgundy, with a diamond ring.


The diamond, an extremely resistant stone, was quickly associated with marital fidelity.


The exchange of such rings worked as a contract of two parts before a wedding took place.

Diamond rings throughout the years
At the beginning of the 20th century

The Edwardian era saw the rise of a powerful and modern middle class in large parts of Europe. The period of prosperity moved jewelry from Victorian palaces and nobility, making rings incredibly popular.

The 30s

The Art Deco movement added a twist to ring designs—they became less feminine and more geometric. The spectacular change was very graphic jewelry’s groundbreaking, where pieces of exceptional quality were richly set to add contrast to jewelry’s main features.

The 40s

The uncertainty of a post-war context and the possibility of reconnecting added much to the rise of engagement rings. There was something powerful and heartbreaking behind the idea of getting a proposal and soon being separated by war.


With it was born the intense need of carrying a token of commitment and love. The De Beers Group saw the marriage boom as an opportunity and started the campaign “Diamonds are Forever,” which set the jewelry business in motion.

The 60s

Hollywood stars started showing off their diamond engagement rings in the 60s. Elizabeth Taylor received a magnificent 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton.

The 2000s

With the Internet, couples gained access to a great deal of information about engagement rings. Men became well-equipped to find an engagement ring that matched the style and taste of their beloved.


Diamond engagement rings were solidified as part of a tradition that continued in all countries of the world and was reinforced by the media and celebrities. There is nothing more natural than offering a diamond ring when proposing. Engagement rings are compatible with the eternal nature of love promises and are accessories to be admired.

Recent years

We have learned to appreciate the solidity, along with the brilliant and undeniable beauty of diamonds. We understand diamonds as the perfect gem for a piece of jewelry that symbolizes our undying love.


Recent times have grown in us a desire to innovate concerning codes perceived as too classic. There is no end to the vast array of designs, precious metals, and cuts. We seek to see our identity in such pieces and explore models not many have considered.

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