Wedding Jewelry Do’s & Don’ts


When it comes to purchasing (and wearing) jewelry, there are some important things you should remember so that you don’t inadvertently mar your special day. The following tips will help assure that you’ll glitter and shine in all the right ways before, during, and after your wedding day.

Wedding Jewelry Do’s

DO Represent Your Relationship.
From that moment you put on the engagement ring, both you and your partner became representatives of each other in what you do, say, and wear. Remember this when glamming up for the most reflective day of days: your wedding.

DO Think Luxe.
No other opportunity will present itself where you can douse yourself in luxury like on the day you exchange vows with the person you love. This is no time for costume gems! Opt for stones that really speak to your inner-royalty: diamonds, rubies, Tahitian pearls? Give them a whirl!

DO Consider Something Other Than Bridal Jewelry
Yes, bridal jewelry — typically thick with diamonds — is made for the bride (and groom) on the big day, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to only that kind of jewelry. At Joseph Gann Jewelers, you can find other fine jewelry, including cultured and Tahitian pearls that may give you a dazzling and luxe look.

Wedding Jewelry Don’ts

DON’T Wear Jewelry From Ex’s!
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people want to show off fine jewelry gifted to them by ex-lovers. Whether because the gems are simply valuable, pretty, or still hold fond memories, this day is not the time to be showing off these pieces… or giving yourself (or your honey) reason to think of past loves.

DON’T Wear Hefty Pieces.
In an effort to gain attention, bridal jewelry can sometimes come off as too chunky or busy. Especially when you’ll be donning more than one piece, simplicity’s the rule. Better a little sparkle everywhere than too much sparkle that looks like it weighs you down.

DON’T Clutter Everything In One Area.
Don’t put all your glitter in one place! Some people have preference for a type of jewelry — earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. Spread out the glitz by adorning yourself in a fine jewelry set with all these items included in it.

Whether entering into marital bliss or celebrating some other milestone, Joseph Gann Jewelers in Boston can help you select the right balance of sparkle and glamour for your special day.