SHOLDT – Engagement Ring Specialists

Sholdt has carved a distinct presence in the jewelry industry as creators of unique engagement rings designed with the perfect blend of artistry, beauty, and emotion. Influencing future markets with new forms and motifs, their jewelry speaks for itself through its craftsmanship and heart. What makes Sholdt really special is that each piece is conceptualized in house. Customers love the personal feel created by the Sholdt family. This has them coming back time and time again for high quality rings all designed from the heart.

A History Of Craftsman

The Sholdt family history dates all the way back to 1935, in Seattle. Milton Sholdt purchased a fledgling jewelry repair business and set up
shop in, what is now known as, Pikes Place. He spent those early years doing trade-work for the local jewelry retailers turning Sholdt into a
successful family business. As sales grew, ​ the family was often pressed to expand their operations overseas. But the Sholdt’s vowed to keep
production in Seattle. When a customer would purchase an engagement ring from Sholdt, they knew that each piece was created with the utmost

Sholdt Today

Today, the 4​th​ generation of the Sholdt family continues to create a very special line of engagement and wedding rings with the same detailed
craftsmanship and heart. ​ Committed to continuing the institution that the family had created, they​ employ the most gifted local craftsmen
available. With​ lifelong knowledge of the trade, Sholdt blurs the line between business and genuine friendship, allowing customers to feel at
home when making such a big life purchase. With more jewelers carrying the line each year, Sholdt has carved a distinct presence in the
trade. ​ They have the unique ability to create anything a client wants or needs. When you purchase an engagement ring from Sholdt, you are
getting something truly special.

Our Unique Engagement Ring Selection

A perfect blend of artistry, beauty, and emotion, each piece is created with the utmost care. Sholdt jewelry speaks for itself. At Joseph Gann
Jewelers, we are one of just a few authorized retailers of Sholdt engagement rings in Massachusetts. ​ Our beautiful Sholdt engagement
ring selection includes unique designs like the Twist Mounted engagement ring, the Princess diamond bezel, and the Marquise diamond ring. We are proud to carry Sholdt jewelry. A very special and unique line, which means you get an engagement ring that will be unlike anyone else’s.

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