Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold. You might have heard the term before but do not know what it means. The following article will explain what rose gold means and will compare it to the classic yellow gold.

The Term Rose Gold

The term rose gold refers to gold that has been mixed with a varying amount of copper. The amount of copper that is mixed in determines the color of the rose gold as well as the size of the overall jewelry piece. The more copper is added, the more orange the rose gold becomes. If there is a small amount of copper, the rose gold takes on a more pinkish hue. Although the rose color itself is pretty, copper is actually added in the first place because pure gold is too prone to damage on its own. By adding copper, the overall jewelry piece becomes more resistant to scratches and damage.

Rose Gold Compared to Yellow Gold

You might be surprised to learn that yellow gold jewelry is actually not just pure gold. Yellow gold is actually pure gold mixed with other metals like copper and zinc, just like rose gold. The varying amounts of these metals give yellow gold its sunny luster. If you see a 14k rose gold ring and a 14k yellow gold ring, they will usually be around the same price because they both contain the same amount of pure gold in them. Because of this, the actual value of rose gold jewelry is similar to that of gold jewelry.


Rose gold is a popular alternative to traditional yellow gold. Not only is rose gold jewelry trending right now, but it also has antique potential because of its timeless look. The metal is perfect for those looking for an interesting twist to their wedding rings, engagement rings, and fashion jewelry.