Platinum vs. White Gold – Which to Choose for Your Ring?

10021835Are you wondering which metal is the best for your engagement or wedding ring? White gold and platinum are the two most popular ring metals today and there are positive and negative aspects to each type. It is important to know the facts before you make the final decision. Here’s an overview of the difference between platinum and white gold and which you should ultimately choose:

Know the Purity

There is a difference in purity between the two metals, which could impact your buying decision. Platinum jewelry is either 90% or 95% pure, which means it maintains its white color. Almost all gold jewelry has a lower percentage of actual gold. 18kt is 75% gold. 14kt is 58% gold. In white gold the alloy that gives it the white gold is usually nickel. If the purity of the metal is important you, or if you have a nickel allergy you should strongly consider selecting platinum for your ring.

Consider the Appearance

One of the biggest things that set platinum and white gold apart from each other is the way they both look. Since platinum is a pure metal, it casts a true silver hue, whereas white gold will usually have a slight yellow tinge. However, when you’re initially shopping for your ring, the two metals could look visibly similar. Over time, the rhodium coating, which is responsible for white gold’s silvery tint, could fade. If you absolutely want the ring to maintain that silver color, platinum is the metal for you. Some people do like the “warmer” shade of white that white gold has.

Determine the Costs

Since platinum is a purer metal, it does cost more money than white gold. Depending on the type of ring it can be from about $300-$1000 more. Platinum is also denser than gold, so the wider the ring the greater the difference in price. This means that if you have a certain price point in mind for the ring, you may need to find a way to keep costs down. In this case, white gold could be the better choice. For instance, if you are having a custom ring made, you could choose to save money by selecting the less expensive metal. If money isn’t a factor, or selecting the purer metal is more important to you, then platinum is your best bet.

Understand the Durability Factor

How durable do you need your ring to be? It is important to understand that while platinum is more durable and much stronger than white gold. It is softer though, so it does scratch easier. White gold is a harder metal Granted, you could always get your platinum ring polished once there are a lot of scratches, but this does cut down on the size of the ring somewhat. If you think that the scratches will bother you, white gold may be the better choice. Also, the prongs of the ring that set the diamond tend to last longer with platinum. If you’re worried about that, platinum is the way to go.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you are looking for when it comes to selecting white gold or platinum for your engagement or wedding ring. Work with your jeweler to discuss the pros and cons of each type of ring so that you can find the best choice for your needs.