New Year, New Me

It is now officially a month into 2020, a month into the new decade, and for many, a refreshing new start to look forward to. As we begin this new chapter, we inevitably look back on our faults and accomplishments and ponder on what we want out of our future, setting goals that we hope to follow through; a New Year’s Resolution, by any other name. And whether yours is posted on a piece of paper right by your bed, or is a loose hope that is stashed somewhere in your brain, we’re here with an idea to help you achieve your objective.

While jewelry can definitely be purely decorative, like tattoos, they can also hold deep sentimental meaning. Maybe jewelry being symbolic sounds foreign to you, but in reality, we’re actually all very much used to the idea of jewelry as a representation. The belief that an engagement ring depicts the strength and endurance of your relationship, that feeling you get when you’re wearing a necklace that belonged to a relative that passed, that’s all the attachment of meaning onto jewelry. So, why not a piece of jewelry that represents your New Year’s Resolution? Why not something that you can look at every day and be reminded of the person you’d like to be this coming year?

To help you make a decision on what to get, below are a list of gemstones and their fabled capabilities paired with some popular new year’s resolutions. Whether or not the belief is there, a physical and highly visible reminder will assure that your ambitions are always on your mind.

Citrine-To Spark a new optimistic outlook
This bright yellow gemstone is said to carry the energy of the sun and bring that sunny disposition just a little bit closer to you. Believed to clear the mind and keep peace, the stone also allows new thoughts to fill the mind, spurring creativity and feeding the imagination. We at Joseph Gann carry many forms of this life giving gemstone, including a plethora of gorgeous cushion cut Citrine and Diamond rings.

Amethyst- For battling addiction
Many of us have vices that we are struggling to cope with. Maybe you drink too much, or perhaps you’re trying to quit smoking, or maybe even, you don’t like the amount of time you spend on social media. Whatever the case may be, amethyst might be the stone for you. Fabled to aid in the compulsory act of addiction, it has long been associated with sobriety and with the process of finding inner balance and calming oneself and our indulgences. At Joseph Gann, we carry a wonderful selection of amethyst necklaces that you can wear and keep close to your core.

Emerald- For finding love!
The stone of successful love, as they also call it, leaves no mystery as to its mystical elements. With its soothing energy, this gorgeously green stone is what you might need to open your heart up to new possibilities. Also known as a stone to detect truth and aid patience, emerald further likens itself to love by assisting in the communication required to obtain and maintain a successful relationship. Additionally, if pregnancy is in your hopes for the new year, emerald is said to also promote fertility, so why not stop by and view our dazzling emerald selections? Hey, you might get lucky. Or call us at 617-426-4932.