Don’t worry if you missed the ‘Bridal Events’ this season

Bridal events can feel like the perfect place to find your wedding band or engagement ring. But if you’ve missed them this year, don’t worry. After visiting Joseph Gann Jewelers you’ll be glad you did.

1. More choices all year round – not just for a weekend

It is common for jewelry stores today to have silver samples of wedding bands with very few live rings – and during their special events they bring in even more silver samples. When you’re trying on these samples, it’s a bit of a leap of faith of how your actual ring will actually look and feel. What does platinum really feel like? How good are the diamonds going to really be? At Joseph Gann Jewelers you’ll find hundreds of rings in all of the precious metals – plus alternative metals too. We’ll be able to show you the pros and cons of each and show you the actual diamonds, even under magnification. Bridal jewelry is a special purchase, and most people want to spend their money wisely on something that will last a lifetime. Our selection is constantly evolving, but regardless of when your wedding is we’ll always have the ring you’re looking for.

2. Constant good value all year round – not just for a weekend

It’s common for stores holding “wedding band events” to have a special sale for the weekend. Whenever there’s a sale, it means the pricing for the rest of the year is higher. Some companies even raise their list prices so there’s not even a special value. Our prices on wedding bands (and all of our jewelry) are always great value – we don’t have phony discounts or sales. We’re also always adjusting prices to reflect the current metal markets. For example, platinum prices right now are relatively very low, so many of our rings are less expensive than what’s marked on our price tags. Here at Joseph Gann you don’t have to worry about that you’re missing out on a discount because you missed the ‘event’.

3. No need to rush – customization is fun.

Weekend ‘Bridal events’ seem like good opportunities to make a purchase. However, feeling the pressure of a ‘3-day’ event may hurt you in the long run – especially if you want something that won’t necessarily be in the case. We encourage you to come back even multiple times, and try on a wide range to be sure you’ve made the right choice. We can also make modifications to any of our rings and create a customized wedding band if you don’t see it in the store. We also specialize in making a matching wedding band for even the most difficult engagement ring.

At Joseph Gann Jewelers we give people a very large selection of quality rings with very good prices all year round with staff that know about jewelry. You’ll be glad you stopped in.