What to Do With an Heirloom Engagement Ring

10025811Many people have heirloom engagement rings that have been handed down through the generations. The custom is usually for these rings to be given to the next generation in order to present it as part of a wedding proposal. While these rings certainly have a special significance, they aren’t always looked at as the ideal choice. Over the years, the ring could fall into disrepair, or maybe it simply isn’t in a modern enough style to suit the new fiancé. Fortunately, there are ways to honor the traditional aspect of these rings while also giving them new life. Here are some options:

Repair the Existing Ring

Your first option in giving an heirloom ring new life is to simply repair the existing ring. Over time, rings can become damaged, either from the passage of time or normal wear and tear. To fix it, take the ring to a qualified jeweler to get an assessment on what needs to be done in order to make the ring look like new again. This could mean repairing the setting, or having a new setting custom made in the same style using the original metal from the existing ring. Your goal will be to work with your jeweler so that the ring can be restored to its former glory. Depending on what is done to the ring to refresh it, it is also a good idea to have your jeweler clean it.

Turn the Ring Into Something New

Another option that allows your fiancé to enjoy the ring while also honoring your family traditions is to design an entirely new ring using elements from the heirloom ring. By melting down the metals and using the existing stones, it is possible to give the ring a complete refresh while still honoring the legacy and tradition of the family heirloom. Bring the ring to your trusted jeweler to assess the condition of the ring and of the materials. From there, you can sketch a design together and the ring will be made according to your specifications.

Using an heirloom engagement ring to propose can be special, especially since there is usually so much history attached to it. However, many of these rings could be in less than perfect condition, or they’re not in a style that your new fiancé will enjoy. If either of these things is true, the ring can be repaired and restored to what it originally looked like, or it can be remade into something entirely new.