Best Practices for Online Jewelry Shopping – and What to Look Out For!

1. Look for a Jeweler Who Offers Low Prices All Year Round

Look for a jeweler who offers low prices year round, not just a jeweler having sales. Odds are, the jeweler inflates the price of a piece and then discounts it to their market value, giving the illusion of a deal. This is a deceptive marketing practice you should be aware of in your jewelry journey.

2. Look at Jewelry Stores with Large Collections

You’re sure to find something you’re interested in if you spend your time searching in a jewelry store with a large collection. When you’re shopping, you want to spend time shopping, not moving between stores. As a customer, you want to make a decision between different pieces, not stores. Stores with large collections also likely have many years of experience under their belt which makes it easier for you to find something you love.

3. Make Sure the Site is Secure

To make sure a site is secure, check the address bar for the lock that says “secure” next to it. The lock tells you that it has SSL encryption, which means that your data is protected on the site from hackers. Never enter any sensitive information (i.e. credit card, social security number) into any site that doesn’t have SSL Encryption.

4. Visit the Physical Store

Online shopping is incredibly convenient, but there is no substitute for going into the physical jewelry store and making some new friends. If you find a piece you like, jot down the information and make a trip out of it. When going into the store, it’s good to know what you’re after, but don’t forget to keep an open mind. You might walk in looking for one thing and discover something completely new.

5. Beware of Unknown Sites With No Physical Location

There are many credible and reliable e-commerce jewelry businesses. That being said, there are also many unprofessional retailers that can create nightmare scenarios for you. Some customers report not receiving items they ordered for weeks. Then, when they finally receive the package, they open it to find the wrong item. Reaching these businesses to try and fix the situation can also be a challenge. You’ll have far more peace of mind if you shop on accredited sites and sites from stores with physical locations.

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